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About us

About us

In 2005 we, Rowena and Mick Ellis, left Melbourne and our corporate jobs to buy a farm on the outskirts of Mansfield in Victoria’s High Country.

After three years of beef farming we decided to explore what else could be grown in the Mansfield climate on our 200 acre farm.

Capers – a new industry

After a fair amount of research we decided to try growing capers. As this was and still is a very new industry in Australia it was all about trial and error for the first few years but after finding success with the Eureka variety of capers we established Long Lane Capers in 2008.

Our first caper harvest

In 2010, Long Lane Capers proudly took the first harvest of 3kg of salted capers to our local Mansfield Farmers Market.

Since that time the caper plantation has grown to some 300 plants on 3 acres. We also work with local caper growers to produce an average harvest of 300kg per season.

Today, we still attend Victorian markets and events but we now also supply our products direct to customers throughout Australia through our online store as well as through retail stockists across Victoria and NSW and into restaurants Australia wide.

Caper products

With a passion for producing fresh, high quality food, Long Lane Capers now produce a range of products including capers and caperberries, caper leaves, caper salt and caper seasoning.

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Find our products at a range of city and regional outlets.

In the caper patch at long lane capers