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Salted capers – 70g resealable pouch


Small, medium or large caper buds in 70 gm packs.

The different sizes of salted capers vary slightly in flavour.

Small buds are more mustard and herbaceous in flavour

Large buds – as they are closer to bursting into flowers! – are more floral in flavour.

Medium buds sit between the two.

Choose the size based on the subtle differences you want in your dish and impress your friends with your secret knowledge of the nuances of capers.


Ingredients: Capers and salt

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Capers are a great with fish and meats or as an addition to pastas, pizzas, stews, braises, salads and dressings.

We recommend soaking in water for about 20 mins before use to reduce the saltiness.

Shelf life

As our products are preserved using salt they have a very long shelf life. Once opened, we recommend storing capers in the cupboard away from sunlight to maintain the flavour.

More about Long Lane Capers

Gold Medallists in 2016 Australian Fine Food Awards and Melbourne’s 2015 Royal Fine Food Awards and medallists 2 years running in the abc Delicious Awards, our  hand picked capers  have been recognised for their great quality and flavour.

Additional information

Bud size

Small up to 7mm, Medium 8-9mm, Large 10-14mm


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