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We love sharing different ways to use our products and have added a few of our favourite  seasonal recipes. We recommend using them in pastas, with seafood and meat dishes as additions to sauces, casseroles and stews.

Releasing caper flavour

Capers are a condiment used to enhance flavour. We recommend soaking our salted buds in water for at least 20min before using in a dish. The longer you soak the buds and the more often you change the water, the less salty they are.

Serving caperberries

Caperberries can be eaten straight from the jar Рlike an olive Рand used on antipasto platters or chopped up in salads.  Try them as an alternative to olives in your martini!

Serving caper leaves

Caper leaves can be served straight from the jar and are a great addition to salads or an edible garnish on vegetarian, fish or meat dishes. Used traditionally in Greek and Cypriot dishes they’re used as an accompaniment to the Greek meze and served with olive oil.